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UK Sniffer Dogs

Courses available

Sniffer Dog Training for Pet Dogs

Your dog’s nose is his most powerful sense. Sniffing opens up a whole adventure! Just think – a dog’s nose is over 40-times more powerful than ours…

Whether you want to create a deeper bond with your dog or aim to work with him to be an assistance dog, UK Sniffer Dogs classes & workshops with Wirral Woof sniffer dogs is an ideal way to start and have fun with your dog. Sniffer dog classes and workshops are facilitated by Emily Thorpe a professional dog trainer and canine reactivity specialist.

We have access to indoor facilities at Furry tails dog world (Upton, Wirral) – ideal for winter fun with your dog!

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Dog Training classes


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Our Story

Wirral Woof bags


We're a small family business based on the Wirral. We pride ourselves on supplying natural dog treats/chews and Eco friendly enrichment toys sold locally and throughout the uk.

We only source and sell treats that are naturally dried or slowly roasted to retain as many essential nutrients and minerals in the treats as possible. 

All of our products are from local UK or EU suppliers and they’re all checked and produced to DEFRA standards. 

All our bags and boxes are tailor made for each individual dog and  also come personalised making them the perfect little gift for your dog. 

My Name is Emily and I've been  working with various different animals for the last 20 years. A few years ago we got a jack Russell  cross cockapoo called Reggie.  like many dogs Reggie struggles with unwanted reactive behaviours such as  barking, lunging and growling. After seeking advice from a behaviourist , and doing a lot of research I found that using foods that are natural with high-quality ingredients, make a significant  positive impact on a dogs behaviour. not to mention the overall long term health benefits it can have on your dog.

After seeing the positive changes in Reggie's behaviour, I knew I wanted to spread the word about healthier treat alternatives, that I know dogs are guaranteed to love.  and so Wirral Woof bags was Born.


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